Here are 5 ways to get more value out of your Go Correct subscription.

1. Make a list of new words

It’s likely that you will have to search for some new words when you write your texts. Every time you use a new word, write it in your note book or add it to a flashcard app.

2. Make a list of words you got wrong

Every time your vocabulary is corrected, add the correct word to your notebook or flash card app.
Make sure you understand the difference in meaning between the correct word and the incorrect word. Sometimes you can find this from a dictionary. Sometimes you will need to ask someone to explain the subtle difference.

3. Be adventurous

Don’t always choose the safe option and don’t use easy language so that you can avoid mistakes. If you push yourself to use more complex grammar and to express more complex ideas, you can improve. When using Go Correct, mistakes are not a bad thing! Especially if it’s the first time you made the mistake.

4. Make a list of expressions you got wrong

If you use a fixed expression incorrectly, make a note of the correct expression and try to use it again the next week. Some of your recent expressions are shown in a list on your Progress page.