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How does writing English help your speaking?

If you want to improve your spoken English, there are a few reasons why writing English regularly can help.

Obviously, it’s not going to help with pronunciation but it will help with your grammar, vocabulary and fluency, which are all important skills when speaking.

One of the challenges of speaking a foreign language is being able to think quickly enough about the vocabulary and grammar structures that you need. If you write regularly, your brain will be used to thinking about these things. You’ll keep the vocabulary and grammar rules at the ‘front’ of your brain where you can access them quickly.

A good way to find reasons to write is to reply to people on websites like Twitter or Reddit. If you want to have your mistakes corrected by a qualified native speaker, use Go Correct.

Increase your confidence
Writing regularly and having your mistakes corrected can give you confidence that your English is understandable and not as full of mistakes as you may think. It’s important to feel confident when speaking.

Thinking quickly
Writing in a ‘live chat’ situation on a messaging app is the perfect combination of speaking and writing. It’s like a spoken conversation because you have to think quickly but you have a few extra seconds to plan what you’re going to say and look up some vocabulary if you need it.

Practice speaking with voice messages
It’s important not to ignore pronunciation so, if you don’t get many chances to speak English, you could read out loud the texts that you read.
Another great option is to have a conversation through Whatsapp voice messages. You could write your texts and then read them into a voice message – that really is the best of both worlds!