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Daily English practice with a qualified teacher

Improve your grammar, vocabulary and confidence.

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☆ British Council ELTons - 2019 Award Winner ☆

Daily questions

Your teacher sends a daily question (5 days a week). Questions cover interesting topics that will challenge you to use new vocabulary. Choose intermediate, advanced or business.

Mistakes corrected

Your teacher corrects your mistakes.
The teacher is a native English speaker.

Mistakes explained

Click a mistake to see a short explanation. Explanations are for common mistakes and ones that are easier to explain.

Personalised advice

See your scores, a list of the mistakes you make most often and a list of fixed expressions that you used incorrectly. (Example)

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Go Correct is perfect for you if...

• you already know English, you just need practice.
• you don’t have an opportunity to use English in your daily life.
• you want to be more confident in English.
• you’re preparing for an English exam.

Who created Go Correct?

Go Correct was created by a qualified English teacher from England. She has over 10 years of experience teaching English.

About Go Correct

Launched in 2017

Used by English learners from 28 countries

Over 1 million words of English corrected

Winner of the British Council ELTons award for digital innovation in English language teaching.