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Go Correct versus Grammarly

There are many automated grammar checkers but Grammarly is probably the one you are most aware of because it is advertised a lot.

You might be thinking – why subscribe to Go Correct when I can use Grammarly to check my texts for free?

There are several good reasons…

1. Grammarly only finds about 40% of mistakes made by non-native English speakers. Sometimes it even says correct language is incorrect.

Go Correct texts are checked by a human, which is the only way to ensure total confidence that all your mistakes were corrected.

2. Grammarly is useful for checking a text quickly, when you need to immediately use the text in real life.

Go Correct is about improving your English over time and understanding your mistakes so that you can be confident when you don’t have Grammarly available. For example, when speaking.

3. Go Correct gives you a reason to practice and a structure to your practice.

If you don’t have a reason to write English texts in your daily life, Go Correct is great way to make yourself write something in English every day.

In summary

If you urgently need to check a text, Grammarly is some help but for regular structured practice, with guaranteed accuracy, Go Correct is the best solution.

It’s worth mentioning that, Grammarly is not the best automated grammar checker. The Google grammar check is more reliable.