Go Correct
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Business English practice with a qualified teacher

Improve your grammar, vocabulary and confidence.

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☆ British Council ELTons - 2019 Award Winner ☆

Daily questions

Your teacher sends a daily question (5 days a week). Questions cover business topics and scenarios. You will talk about your work and reply to business emails.

Mistakes corrected

Your teacher corrects your mistakes and suggests more appropriate vocabulary and expressions.
The teacher is a native English speaker.

Mistakes explained

Click a mistake to see a short explanation. Explanations are for common mistakes and ones that are easier to explain.

Personalised advice

See your scores, a list of the mistakes you make most often and a list of fixed expressions that you used incorrectly. (Example)

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Go Correct is perfect for you if...

• you already know English, you just need practice.
• you want individual feedback from a qualified teacher.
• you want to be more confident about your business English.

Who created Go Correct?

Go Correct was created by a qualified English teacher from England. She has over 10 years of experience teaching English.

  • CELTA - Certificate in teaching English to adults
  • BA Linguistics & Phonetics - 1st Class Honours - Leeds University
  • Worked as an English teacher at Cambridge House, Madrid
  • Worked at BBC Languages

About Go Correct

Launched in 2017

Used by English learners from 28 countries

Over 1 million words of English corrected

Winner of the British Council ELTons award for digital innovation in English language teaching.